Activities for self-guided learning time

E-Learning Activities

Pick a journal prompt and write at least half a page.

Use this story prompt generator to get an idea, then write at least 1 page.

Make Art

Find a picture you want to draw and follow the instructions

Visit to find out what today's theme is. Make a thing that fits the theme!

Sidewalk Art

Write a hopeful message, or fill a square with beautiful patterns

Listen to Stories

Queer-friendly story books read aloud, with video. About 20 minutes per story.

Audio books for kids

Recordings of longer books to listen to (with no video)

Watch Videos / Shows

Crash Course

Other Cool Stuff

Cool science experiments on a grand scale

Episodes of the greatest math comedy show for kids ever created

What's inside various household objects, like toasters, watches, etc?

Educational Games

Google Classroom

Specific games recommended by Ms. Vines. (Classroom login required)

(no login required)


(Classroom login required)

(no login required)