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The Straights Are Not Okay

The Straights Are Not Okay is a darkly comedic LARP about heterosexism and the rigidity of gender expectations as set in a gender reveal party that ends with burning down a national forest.


Autonomy is a LARP about gendered power dynamics and bodily autonomy. In Autonomy, players will portray characters of their own gender, but the script for how society perceives gender will be flipped. The goal is to make players aware of the unspoken power dynamics of gender that we are all socialized to accept and adhere to.

Factory Reset

Factory Reset is a LARP about artificial intelligence, memory, and sentience. You are all androids who have been taken to a registered Industrial Mechatronics maintenance facility for their six month service and memory wipe. You have been checked into a secure facility and are now waiting to be brought into the maintenance bay, at which point your memories and experiences will be erased.


Homunculus is a game about death, technology, and saying goodbye to loved ones when they die.

Homunculus is a 2017 Golden Cobra game, and won an Honorable Mention.

Supplements and Small Games

Love Notes

Love Notes is a collection of small games originally written to cheer up a friend, which I then printed as zines and handed out at GenCon 2018. The three games included in the collection are Business Dogs – a silly game to be played with a group of adults, Cat Astronauts on Mars – a small game to played with an adult and one or two small children, and Imposter Syndrome Syndrome – a game to be played with two people who care about each other.

You Beautiful Fucking Sunflower

You Beautiful Fucking Sunflower is a silly nano-game to be played with friends in which you exchange expressions of love and validation, delivered with and sometimes through profanity. The game will take place as players have a heated, profanity-laden argument where the only things that may be expressed are positive, loving, and validating.

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