The Straights Are Not Okay

by Ash Kreider

a comedy LARP about gender essentialism, heterosexism, and the rigidity of gender expectations

Players: 9-12 (including facilitator)

Time required: 2 hours

In The Straights Are Not Okay, you will play a group of people at a gender reveal party in a national forest. Nominally, party attendees are there to support the expectant parents, but during play you will use the occasion to vent frustrations and resentments with other party guests in the pettiest, most passive-aggressive manner possible. The game will end when the gender reveal goes hilariously wrong and the party-goers burn down the forest.

Content Warning: This game revolves around themes of gender-essentialism, gender binarism, and heterosexism, although it does so as a way of holding up a critical lens to these common stereotypes. In The Straights Are Not Okay, you will all play characters who are cisgender and heterosexual (or claim to be heterosexual), although each character may be played by any person of any gender or sexuality. Players should not feel obligated to align their character choices with their own gender.

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This game was originally published under the name "Anna Kreider", my old name.

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