The Watch

Co-designed and written by Ash Kreider

The Watch is a roleplaying game about women (cis and trans) and non-binary people fighting a desperate war to save their homeland. It uses the Powered by the Apocalypse system to deliver a drama-heavy feminist-focused military story.

Before the Shadow

…your people were semi-nomadic, living in clans with an ever-shifting network of alliances and enmities. Although one people, the clans were diverse in tradition, outlook, and custom. Those along the old border were traders, prosperous and widely traveled. Those living in the central plains were gatherers and trappers. And those living furthest from the outside world were mountain herders, solitary and secretive.

And then the Shadow came.

The chaos that resulted almost shattered the clans beyond repair. News of the Shadow created new feuds and fanned the flame of old hatreds. But ultimately, it was the Shadow itself that caused clan divisions to be set aside in the name of survival as the Shadow's army pushed further and further into clan lands. It became clear that if the clans were to remain free from the Shadow's taint, they would have to stand together.

This game was originally published under the name "Anna Kreider", my old name.

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